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At Liceo Campo David school, we work every day so that our students are ready for the globalized world in which we live. Thus, it is essential to reinforce the four main skills of the English language as a second language. Thanks to our qualified teaching team and our work plan, we have activities that help bring our students closer to real contexts of the language so that they can learn it and strengthen it with the use of interactive platforms, games, debates, workshops, projects, celebrations, among others. 


Virtual platforms are a great ally in the process of learning foreign languages. The use of these platforms is frequent within the classes and of course they are part of the evaluation processes of our dear Liceista students. 


Last year, some of our eleventh grade students had the opportunity to take the APTIS test, an internationally recognized exam endorsed by different universities around the world. Pleasingly, we obtained excellent results with certifications from B1 to C in listening and reading skills. 


Thanks to these results, we ensure that our students have better academic and employment opportunities in the future in our country and abroad and we make sure that they will be communicatively competent in a second language, English. 

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